Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lebron Cheating? Say It Aint SO!!

So anybody that visits my blog knows that I love Lebron and Savannah's relationship. I just love seeing them together. With that said, I'm highly upset about recent blog reports that he was seen kissing R&B artist, Ciara. 
UPDATE: Okay, so someone just made my night... I made a mistake and I am happy to say I did.  It was not Lebron that tweeted "cheat or be cheated on #thatisall" it was someone that has a name similar to his.  My mistake and I'm GLAD that it wasn't him.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.  I'm STILL team Lebron and Savannah.  I got roasted on FB today after defending their relationship, but hey..whatever!! LOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No the hell he didnt....ooohhhh, I was just talking bout them with some friends. He need to cut it out and she need to find a job.

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