Thursday, January 6, 2011

Basketball Wife, Jennifer Williams Is Tit-Twat Naked... NSFW

Well damn... First it was Evelyn's goodies all over the internet, now it's Jennifer's.  WSHH posted a video of several naked (and rather disgusting) pics of the only real Basketball Wife, Jennifer Williams.  If you care to see these images check under MORE DISH.  My face is still balled up after viewing it. This video is extremely NSFW.  I so could have gone the rest of my days without getting to know Jenn on that level, ewwww. 

I will NEVER understand why people take pics like this. Especially those in the public eye, SMH.

After the pics hit the net, she tweeted "Wowsers...that's really all I can say."


U.J. said...

Ok, this broad either need to get some, or she is flat out desperate. As much as she tries to portray herself as a wholesome "good woman", she does this...smh. Now she really is gonna have to deal with the fallout from this. And to think, she has a foundation...*scoffs*

Anonymous said...

I am loving the pics!! Thanks

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