Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tiny Gives Her Hubby A Job In Jail... A Hand Job!!!

These two here STAY doing something, LMAO. TMZ is reporting that Tiny has confirmed she and her hubby, Tip were in a room together during regular visiting hours and she gave him a hand job.  After the two were caught in the act, Tip was reprimanded and sent to a "special housing unit" consisting of more security and less freedom.

My mouth dropped when I read this, LOL.  I'm just glad it was Tiny and not one of the other inmates (not that I think he would do that, I'm just saying).  These two need to hold off on all of this.  He's supposed to be released later this year, they can make it until then.

It's unclear if/when Tiny will be able to visit her husband again.

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