Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ahead Of My Class.. Episode 1

Check out the new documentary series developed my Memphis' own, Memphitz... "Ahead of My Class"

This Documentary Television Series follows the lives of young adults Worldwide.  Watch these seemingly average students as they juggle the demands of school, friends, family relationships, and the limelight while remaining involved in improving their communities.

We want to give young adults all over the world a chance to show what puts them Ahead of their Class.

In the Documentary Television Series, we will live vicariously through these young adults as we experience their unique Style.

This will be something positive for young adults to watch and relate to. So much is going on with our youth in the community, so to see young adults who are striving for excellence and setting examples is refreshing.
This TV series was started and executive produced by Mickey Wright Jr aka @MeMpHiTz and also (Shot & Edited) by: @UncleLeff & @HenryRogerss)

Check MORE DISH to view the first episode

I love it... this is a great way for our youth to be recognized for positive things. The media is QUICK to mention the negative, but we often have to go searching to find individuals like Nyree. This is a really good look. Just yesterday I was watching my interview with Memphitz (see here), he was in Memphis receiving the key to the city.  While here, he went to some of the elementary schools and spoke to their students.  He wanted to let them know that their dreams CAN become reality.  I love the fact that in addition to telling the students that, he has now developed "Ahead of My Class" to SHOW them as well.  Nyree is just 19 years old and already receiving awards for his art (which is beautiful BTW).  Imagine what this young man will be doing in the next 5 years.  Y'all know I'm a reality TV junkie, with all the madness that is shown now-a-day... this documentary DEFINITELY needs to be televised.  Reality is, this world we live in is full of strife and hardships.  But "Ahead of My Class" shows that strife and hardships don't have to be ALL of your reality.  I'm loving the direction Memphitz is going with this and I'm anxious to see more stories of success from our youngsters.  This is something they desperately need to see more of!!


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Anonymous said...

This is seriously awesome!! Having a 16 y/o daughter, I know first hand that they definitely need positive influences in their life and this is MUCH better than watching something like '16 and pregnant'.
Thanks Mickey!!

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