Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are Beyonce & Jay Z Headed For Splitsville?

Rumors of one of my favorite couples have been all over the internet the past few days.  Some sites are reporting that the Beyonce and Jay Z are trying a trial separation after only a few years of marriage.  The separation is supposedly because Beyonce won't slow down and give Jay a few babies.  Check out what Viscosi Media is reporting.

Jay-Z apparently wants children while Beyonce does not as she is totally focused on fueling her career that is at a peak right now. Like most celebrity couples they have had their share of well publicized ups and downs and breakups through the years and with Jay-Z past 40-years of age and Beyonce nearing 30 this could prove to be the breaking point for their marriage. Right now Jay-Z and Beyonce are in a trial separation and it was reported that at a recent RocNation lunch, they were noticeably cold to each other and avoided eye contact and conversation.

Personally, I don't believe it.  I think the rumors really began to fly when Bey was seen chilling with her sister and ex DC members on Valentine's Day.  I don't think it's a big deal, hell, everyday is Valentine's Day with those two.  They can do whatever they want on a daily, LOL.  We'll see what happens tho.

Oh and it IS about time for her to take a break and put those birthing hips to good use. #imjustsaying


Anonymous said...

I agree. She needs to sit her tail down somewhere. What does she think? That shes gonna be doing this her whole life. What about when she's olders. She gone be all by herself. Her, her money, and all those awards. But I bet they dont talk back.

Miss TK said...

She going to end up like Jennifer when Brad threw the dueces at her, every man wants offspring at some given point from their spouse! These ladies are TOO into their career and not so much the home life, got to be able to handle both! Look at Jada and Will, still powerful and now their kids are just as much! You my girl Bey but you trippin fo' real!

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