Monday, February 7, 2011

Christina Aguilera Sings The National Anthem At Super Bowl XLV

If you didn't know I was pulling for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win last night's super bowl. But we know that didn't happen, SMH. The Green Bay Packers are the Super Bowl XLV Champions and I'm proud of them for it. While the Steelers are my number 1 team, I've always liked Green Bay as well. Now, had the Cowgirls won, I would've thrown up LOL.

Anywho, Christina Aguilera was chosen to start off the night with The National Anthem. I was excited when I heard her voice and immediately ran into the room. Christina has a beautiful voice and always kills her performances. Well, this time she killed the performance AND the words. Check the video.

FLAG ON THE PLAY!!!!! do people forget the words to this song? How does this happen? LOL. Oh well, she did her thing other than that.


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