Friday, February 4, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles Players Surprise Bullying Victim, Nadin Khoury On The View

Thirteeen year old Nadin Khoury appeared on "The View" to talk about his attack by school bullies.  While there, he was surprised by a few players on his favorite football team, the Philadelphis Eagles.  Check it out!

Awwww, I almost started crying with him.  To see how those children treated him made me sick.  I'm a firm believer that children do things like this because they do not fear what will happen to them when they get home.  As a youngster, there were several things that I THOUGHT about doing... but didn't do because I was afraid of what my parents would do to me when they found out.  If any child of mine EVER behaved like this, they'd have hell to pay behind it.  This situation could have gone totally different.  Instead of having his attackers arrested, Nadine could have reacted to their actions with violence.  I'm glad that wasn't the case.
On another note:  Who is this Desean Jackson cat?  I think I love him, LOL.  Seriously tho, I loved his interaction with Nadin.  I know that made him feel amazing.  I've always liked the Eagles, but now that I see they have such good guys on their team.. I'll call myself a fan :).

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Untouched Jewel said...

I felt so bad for Nadin, but he is such a cute little guy. I think he will grow up to be such a handsome young man. Baby gotta learn to fight back and stand up for himself, cause bullies are no joke. I've had that experience before in school, and it wasn't fun at all. And I believe his parents need to sue the school or school district for letting things like that take place, after numerous times of this situation being brought to their attention, and no one bothered to do anything about it.

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