Friday, February 11, 2011

Rihanna Is On Her Grown Woman Sh*t!! Agrees To Lift Chris Brown's Restraining Order

Back in January Chris Brown and his lawyers issued a request to a judge to lift the restraining order preventing him from being close to Rihanna.  E!Online is reporting that Rihanna and her lawyers requested that the restraining order be dropped to a level one order which would prevent him from harassing, annoying or molesting her.  Now the two could very well run into one another at this year's Grammy awards. 

Some folks are upset about Rihanna agreeing to this but I love her for it.  I was waiting on her to do something to show us that she is over the situation.  Chris was taking most of the backlash from the situation and I didn't think it was fair.  Check out what RiRi had to say to crazed blogger Sandra Rose.

Hmph...  She's right, we DON'T care about a restraining order,  #Ilikeitlikeit too!!

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