Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video Dish: Too Much Confidence Can Be A Terrible Thing, SMDH

Haaaaaaaaaaa... that thang was getting it, ROFL. If that belly had plopped out one more time, I was gonna cry LOL. Well, at least she's proud of who she is. I'm not mad about that, but I AM mad that she decided to show the world, LOL. I surely appreciate the laugh tho, tehehe.


Untouched Jewel said...

Ok, what the hell was that?! Not only this girl was wide as all outside, but she had a flat butt. SMDH. And where was her damn mama when she was making these nasty videos? How old is this girl, what, 15?! *SOMEBODY WHOOP THIS GIRL'S ASS!*

JazZee Fierce said...

How many times can a person throw up in their mouth?? Slick mad though because outside of all the disgusting things going on here she actually has a promising future as a stripper if she get on a work out

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