Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day- Celebrity Couple Countdown

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.... I hope your day is filled with love and blessings (even if it's spent alone LOL). In honor of cupid's day, I compiled a list of my top 10 celebrity couples. Check em out!

10. Snoop Dogg & Shante

I really like these two...they have been through a LOT together.  They've been an item since high school and married in 1997.  In 2004 Snoop filed for divorce but never went all the way with it.  Four years later, they renewed their vows.

9. Gabrielle Union & D.Wade

These two have been rumored to have been an item for a while now but didn't officially "come out" until July of last year.  Dwayne's divorce was official last year in June so that gave them the go-ahead to express their love for one another, LOL.  They make such a cute couple and I can see them having loads of fun together.

8. Bonnie & Clyde Tiny & Tip

Everybody knows how these two get down!! If two people were ever made for one another, I believe it's them.  They are seriously ride or die, LOL.  The two wed last year and a little over a month later...they were both arrested in L.A.  Tip has since returned to jail, but that hasn't stopped Tiny from loving her man (and showing him love in the jailhouse LOL).  I think Tip (and Tiny) have both learned their lesson this go round.  If not, they might as well build them a co-ed jail cuz these two ALWAYS stick together LOL.

7. Carmelo & LaLa

These two are FINALLY husband and wife, and I LOVE IT!!! They had one of the longest engagements EVER, but hey....if they like it I love it.  Marrying quickly after an engagment hasn't always proved to work so whatever works for them.  They had a beautiful wedding,  a beautiful son and seem to have the relationship to match.

6. Khole & Lamar

I must admit that I was NOT a Khlomar fan at first, but they have most def grown on me.  Khloe seems like a super fun chick and Lamar seems to keep a smile on her face.  The two compliment one another well and I can't wait for their reality show.  Yes, I'll be watching!!

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5. Shannon & Monica Brown

Last year Monica was on my countdown with Rocko.  Y'all know I always loved them together, but.. it didn't work out.  Shortly after Monica announced that she and her fiance/baby's daddy decided to call it quits. In October, Monica announced her engagement to L.A. Lakers player Shannon Brown.  While the two kept quiet about it, they were actually married this past November.  I love the fact that he saw a good woman, knew what he wanted and made her his WIFE.  Rocko gave her a ring but failed to close the deal.  Shannon came in and made his actions in Monica's "Love All Over Me" video a reality.

4. Beyonce & Jay Z

Do I really have to explain why these two are on the countdown?  To make it short, both are a movement by themselves.  But they're a force when they're together. #truestory #theend

3. Jada & Will

These two are awesome... I love their union and I love how they are raising their offspring.  Ok, yea, I've mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of homeschooling.  I'm a firm believer that children should be able to socialize with other people their age.  While the school thing bothers me, I think these two are awesome parents and I respect the fact that they teach their children to be themselves and do what they love.  They seem to have a great relationship and I love seeing them together.

2. President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama

No...they are not number 2 simply because they are the first black President and First Lady.. I simply adore them as a couple.  These two have an absolutely beautiful relationship.  I know I must really like them cuz I sometimes find myself praying for them when I'm headed to sleep at night, LOL.  I've never in life had this much love for my President and First Lady.  The Obama's ROCK!!!

1. Mickey "Memphitz" Wright & Toya Carter

Okay... the only two that could dethrone my beloved Obama's from the number one spot would be Memphitz and Toya Carter.  They got the spot because out of all 20 individuals, I've only had the privilege of hearing one person speak his/her true feelings.  That would be from my cousin Mickey.  He simply adores Ms. Toya and after reading their interviews in the S2S Magazine, I think she adores him as well.  The two started out as friends and grew into a couple.  They make an absolutely beautiful pair and I'm excited for what their relationship will bring to each of their lives.


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