Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Red Carpet Rundown

The 53rd Grammy Awards aired last night and I have to admit... I actually enjoyed the show.  Lots of times, the Grammy's can be a bit dull, but this year they kept my attention ALMOST the entire show.  Check out some of the fashions from the red carpet.

Amber Riley.. love the look!!

Lady Antebellum rocked the red carpet and killed during the show..


Ciara looks like the Ghetto Wonder Woman or something.. it's horrible. I like the color tho.

Keri looked hot...

You gotta love Cyndi Lauper's style...

Couple love.. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Seal and Heidi Klum, Jada and Will.


Drizzy Drake... he looks a little rough for the suit, but whatever.

When I saw Esperanza Spalding on the show, I liked her look.  I still like it here, but the shoes aren't doing it for me.

Eva Longoria... I LOVE IT!!

Check MORE DISH for more red carpet arrivals

What did you think of the looks?
Faith Evans.. I don't like the dark hair, but the outfit is OK.

That damn Lady Gaga came through in a huge egg... What if it had started rolling and hit the red carpet? LMBO

It's something I'm not liking about this look.. her chest looks saggy or something, IDK.

Love India's, love, love!

Jada's shoes are FAB!! I likes the whole look.

Janelle Monae has worked my reserved nerve with this set.  Is this her work uniform or something? Que Jay Z's "Change Clothes" cuz I'm over it. NEXT!

DAMN..that's about all I can say when I see Jennifer Hudson these days.  LOVE the dress!

Stretch marks excluded...she looks AMAZING! The hair and makeup is flawless.

JLo's look was cool.. I've seen her look better.

Who picked those shoes? Fire them!! Other than that, Ms. Sparks looks nice.

Justin Bieber is the man...

Katy Perry, I dig you hun but...I'm gonna go with NO, LOL.

Kelly Osbourne is such a stylish chick.

Leanne Rimes is extra small these days.

Lenny Kravitz is such a rockstar

Miley Cyrus has on a bedazzled rug.. #menolikey

Monica's look is simple, yet elegant.

Mya...where have YOU been? Hot dress tho.

Good thing Nicki doesnt dress for CUTE... she dresses to make statements and this was clearly saying "I'm a beast."

There's something I like about Nicole's works for HER!

Rihanna, STOP IT!! She looks that thing you clean baby bottles with.

The 2nd Family..the Smith's

GOOOOOOOOO SNOOKI.. I likes!! Had her feet not been falling off the shoe, I wouldnt have had ANY complaints.

Tyga and Nicki

Wayne looked nice


Young Money

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Anonymous said...

Entertaining pics...LOL! I skipped the grammy's this year...never "did it" for me.

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