Friday, February 4, 2011

Toya Carter's "Priceless Inspirations" In Stores Next Month

During my interview with Toya Carter last year, she mentioned that one of her next ventures was a book.  The book would be "memoirs to her younger self" and she wanted to share it with the world.  Well, she recently celebrated the completion of her new book "Priceless Inspirations" which you can find on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders next month (you can preorder online).  I love the title, her name "Antonia" means "Priceless" in Italian. Super cute!!  Toya is now a reality TV star, boutique owner and an author.  People can say what they want about Ms. Carter, but they can't deny the fact that she's making big moves.  Gotta love it!!  I'll be coping the book.  What about you?

Toya's cake to celebrate "Priceless Inspirations"

Toya mentioned on Twitter that she is doing a book tour.  Memphis, hit her up and let her know that you wanna see her in the city.  We already know she likes a little of what the city offers (Memphitz), let's see if she'll come through for a book signing, LOL.

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Anonymous said...

The Ladies of the Round Table bookclub would LOVE to host a meeting with Toya in Memphis. HOLLA AT US GIRLLLLLLLLLL


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