Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eddie Long Is A Filthy Lil Something....

Since I've been rather busy lately, I haven't had the chance to mention "Bishop" Eddie Long and his sex abuse allegations from 4 different young men.  Well, now that all of my graduation stuff is over with I can sit down and really speak on it.  Let me first say that these pictures and tight azz shirts are suspect as hell with or without anyone accusing him of any daggone thing.  I mean seriously, what's with that madness LOL?  Anywho, on to the allegations.

To make a long story short there are now 4 young men claiming that they were tricked into having sexual relationships by the long time pastor of "New Birth" in Atlanta, GA.   All of the accusers are members of his church and one is a member of his online church in Charlotte, N.C.  Supposedly Long has been using the word of GOD to justify why he likes feeling up other men.  Long spoke out and of course denied the allegations and used stories from the bible to prove his innocence.  Personally, I wish somebody would'a slapped him clean upside his head with the good book.  Matter of fact, they should'a smacked him twice, once with the old testament and once with the new.  I'm all for "innocent until proven guilty" but dude is suspect.  I'll be glad when people stop putting these "men of GOD" above others and thinking that they can do no wrong.  The person that is preaching to you every Sunday can like loving on another man just as much as RuPaul.  Stop putting all your faith in man, leave that for the man upstairs!!!  We'll see how this all turns out, I'll keep you posted.

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