Friday, September 17, 2010

Tip Headed Back In Front Of A Judge

It's just not looking good for "The King" right about now, SMH!!  TMZ is reporting that a judge has summons rapper, T.I. to appear in court from his arrest earlier this month.  When Tip and his wife, Tiny were first arrested everyone was under the impression that the police simply found drugs (X-pills) in the vehicle.  Well nope... that wasn't it! They also found drugs in Tip's system as well!  No date has been set for his court appearance, but I'll keep you updated.  This of course violates his probation and could possibly send him RIGHT back to jail.  UGHHHHHHHHH, I love me some Tip but I could slap him right now.  He might be "5'9 with the soul of a 6'4 ni**a" but he has the mentality of a da*n 15 year old, SMH!  Do better, Clifford!!

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