Friday, May 21, 2010

Ciara Talks "Basic Instinct"

Ciara talked to Rap-Up about her new album "Basic Instinct." She says that she took it back to how she started out, rocking tennis shoes and giving us "dance music." Check out what she had to say.

She also talks about BET banning her "Ride" video from their network.

Yea, that video is a bit raunchy but I love it. I hope she does do a couple of edits so they can show it cuz I love the song and the girl can dance her tail off. I totally understand BET not showing the video, even tho they are quick to show other ish, this mos def was too much for TV LOL.

Check MORE DISH to see the "Ride" video.. and a big girl rendition.

I think I already posted this video but I wanted to post it again because its probably one of the reasons BET banned the real damn video ROFLMAO

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. she said she "handles her bizness, like a big girl should." LOL

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Anonymous said...

That damn Ciara is NO JOKE when it comes to a beat. She is like the new Aaliyahx100. And Im lol at the big girl. She moves pretty good to be so huge, lol. Bet is being sexist. All the stank videos they play by male artists get played everyday. They needs to cut it out.

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