Friday, May 21, 2010

New Music : Dondria "Shawty WusUp" Featuring Johnta Austin & Diamond

I like it, Dondria has such a cute voice and it fits this song well. She performed here in Memphis last night and I hear her performance was a bit boring but her vocals were on point. They said Dondria wasn't pleased with the crowd and walked off the stage immediately after finishing the song, but NOT before she dropped the mic on the stage. Yea, kinda like dude did on "Coming To America" HAAAAAAAAA.. I bet that ish was pure comedy LMAO. When she performed on 106 her performance wasn't really all that exciting but I enjoyed it because I like Dondria regardless. I've seen her grow from YouTube and I think she's a sweetie, she was probably just nervous and in a mood because the crowd wasn't hyped about her being there (from what I heard). Anywho, what do you guys think about this song?

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