Friday, September 25, 2009

Angelina.. You Play Too Much

I was over at and saw these pics of Angelina and her two little ladies Zahara and Shiloh. While Sandra was during her usual rants and raves, questioning the sexuality of a damn 2 year old *side eye*, I am questioning something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. What I wanna know is WHO THE HELL IS COMBING ZAHARA'S HAIR? She is such a cutie pie but OMG, do something with that mess. I mean damn, I'm ALL for the natural look but can you AT LEAST rub some Pink Oil Moisturizer through that child's head? Hell, you can hire me to come through and comb her hair on a daily (I wouldn't charge THAT much LOL). I just had to address this issue because its starting to get a bit out of hand. Now, I hope nobody tries to down Angelina and say she's doing this because Zahara really isn't her baby. Besides, look how she has Shiloh dressed.. its equivalent to Baby Z's hair situation LMAO.

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