Monday, September 28, 2009

Mashonda Goes In On Alicia Keys

Well DAMN is all I have to say! I was headed to work this morning and heard one of the radio personalities reading a letter from Mashonda to Ms. Keys, so of course I had to come find it. Mashonda did this via Twitter and she mos def let it RIP! Check out the letter below.

Check MORE DISH for the rest of the letter

I have to be honest and say that I totally feel Mashonda! No matter how much I love Alicia I have to admit that ole girl has a point. Now, we all do wrong so I'm in no way judging Alicia and I feel for her situation also. Even though she was wrong I know that as humans, we all sometimes fall into situations that we NEVER MEANT TO HAPPEN. I hope that Alicia actually contacts Mashonda before she puts ALL their damn business out in the streets. They live their lives in the public eye already so this is just giving us ALL the inside scoop. Woman up Alicia and make that call, I would advise that for anybody in this situation.

While I'm sure Alicia is hurting about what happened she has to realize what she did and how she added fuel to an already burning flame. No matter how much she might love Swizz, she IS NOT HIS WIFE, period! It's easy for the mistress (sorry Licia, but that's what you were) to ignore the feelings of the wife but you have to realize that she is a woman too. She feels and hurts the same way you do, probably more! No matter what you might say, its obvious that you don't care about the wife's feelings, otherwise you would stop screwing her husband. Or AT THE VERY LEAST have him to make a decision and be with one or the other. I really hope they work this out, if not for themselves.. at least for the baby involved.. One word of advise to Ms. Keys "God won't bless a mess"... Work that out chic!!


MissTkFayne said...

Well DAMN, can't argue with that and you put it real nice when you said "GOD won't bless a mess" chic cuz you get what the hell you dish out! No respect, means you will not be given respect! And Mashonda's letter was written so tactfully I am sure it felt like a damn ice dagger in Swiss and Alicia's heart, #DOBETTER people!

DivaDish said...

Girl, wasnt that a cold azz letter?! She got in that azz real nice/nasty! Like I said, we all do wrong cuz thats just in humnan nature. The problem comes when you KEEP doing the same ish, expecting a different result.. and even worse, expecting GOD to KEEP forgiving you for it.

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