Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Suspects Arrested In Albert Murder

I'm sure everyone has heard about Derrion Albert (pictured above), the 16 year old that was beaten to death last week while walking home from school. Three boys have been arrested for beating the young student to death.

Derrion's little sister is seen here mourning the death of her big brother. I really hope this baby was not there when this happend.

Ms. Albert (middle) attends a memorial for her son. I can not imagine the amount of pain this woman must be in right now.

One of Derrion's classmates signing a poster in his memory

These are 3 of the bastards (that's the nicest thing I could think to call them) arrested and charged with his murder

The crime scene
The Tribune reports that "Riley and Fenger students Silvonus Shannon, 19, and Eric Carson, 16, were charged Monday with murder and ordered held without bail. Eugene Bailey, 18, was charged later Monday. A Cook County prosecutor said Albert's death was a result of a brawl between two neighborhood groups, one from the Altgeld Garden public housing complex and the other from the neighborhood known as the "Ville."
All this gang ish is and ALWAYS has been rather damn ignorant to me. If you're so tough, why do you have to involve several other individuals in your disputes? That's totally left of the fact that the shit is POINTLESS! I've heard some people say that they feel these boys should be given the death penalty. Personally, I don't believe in the death penalty.. We have no idea what goes on after this life, it could be much more pleasant than we think. Plus, taking a life is SUPPOSED to be GOD's job. What I believe in is TORTURE.. sorry, I know that sounds bad but that's just how I feel. I bet if we started doing like some of these other countries and taking "an eye for an eye" we wouldn't have so much of this ignorant BS going on. Our so called justice system allows some of these folks to get away with anything.. hell, and then they even lock up some of the innocent. But I would prefer for them to lock these mofos up for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, and treated as the animals that they are. If you TAKE a life, you should automatically GIVE yours!

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