Friday, January 22, 2010

DeWayne Martin Calls Baby Blue A "Deadbeat Dad"

Tisha Campbell's husband DeWayne Martin recently sent out a letter to the media claiming that Baby Blue (of Pretty Ricki) impregnated his sister-in-law Tiara Campbell (Tisha's sister). Check out DeWayne's letter below.

…One thing lead to another and now she’s five months pregnant by him. I spoke to Blue in October and I would never imagine him being the way he is. He doesn’t call back, he doesn’t check on her and he’s also ignoring her phone calls. She and the family are really hurt by this.

I’m a father, so if I have to blast him to make him become a father, then I will do just that. Tisha has five sisters and one brother and she cares for them very much, so to hear that her sister wants to abort the baby because she feels like she made a mistake hurts Tisha. When you mess with my wife or my family then I become upset, especially when I tried to reach out to him in the beginning, instead of taking it to the next level.

[Tiara] doesn’t need any money from him. She just needs a father for her child and I know any woman can relate to that.

…I want women to watch who they sleep with because it can become a nightmare. My sister-in-law is in a deep state of depression because of all of this…”

T.T. Torez contacted Blue on her show to get his version of what happened.

F**K ALL THIS BABY ISH. My biggest concern is this "Blue Star Learning Center". WHO WOULD ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO ATTEND THESE FOLKS DAYCARE? ROFL!! My 2nd biggest concern is how in the hell he got hooked up w/ KeKe Wyatt? I'm TOTALLY confused about all of this.

Now, on to this Tiara situation... SOMEBODY IS CLEARLY LYING! Having a one night stand and a 5 year relationship are two totally different things. While I dont agree with how he spoke of ole girl, I do however feel him on waiting on the child to get here and getting a DNA test before "stepping up to the plate."

This is KeKe Wyatt, I love her voice BTW... Yea she's a bit older than him and I would've thought she was out of his league. Guess not!

Oh and BTW.. I doubt any of this will stop the gay talk *side eye*!


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BABY BLUE ewwwww well, any member from Pretty Ricky ewwwwww ! God Bless

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