Friday, January 29, 2010

Steven Jackson Beat Up His Pregnant Girlfriend?

The starting running back for the St. Louis Rams, Steven Jackson has been accused of beating his girlfriend while she was 9 months pregnant. The two are no longer together but the ex girlfriend Supriya Harris has filed a complaint stating that he attacked her in March of 2009 after a verbal altercation.

Supriya says Jackson "became enraged and pushed me to the ground, repeatedly. Forcibly grabbed my arm and flung me against the door. I was crying and trying to protect my stomach from the blows." She also stated that he continued to shove her against the door until his nephew interceded and yelled, "uncle, she has a baby, stop". She was bleeding heavily and had to go to a hospital for her injuries, Jackson supposedly made her lie to the doctors and say that she fell in the shower.

According to Harris, Jackson threatened to beat her again 4 months later and she then decided to leave him. The two are now at ends about child support. Y'all know I'm never one to just jump and believe everything I read/hear. I'm just wondering why the hell she waited til almost a year later to file a complaint about an incident that happened last March, that's almost a full year ago. If he did do it he is 972 miles past wrong and somebody needs to get in his azz (I dont condone violence though LOL). There is no reason to beat a woman like that and to do it while she's with child is crazy. We'll see how that works out.

Jackson has released a statement and of course claims that the allegations are false.

Source: TMZ

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