Friday, January 22, 2010

Maia Campbell To Get A Reality Show is reporting that former actress, Maia Campbell is in the works to get her own reality show. Check it out.

Former child star turned vixen turned You Tube trainwreck, Maia Campbell has
teamed up with Reality TV producer Jaysen “Av Action” Accius to start filming
the pilot for a reality series that follows her journey as she attempts to pick
up the pieces of a once beautiful life while dealing with her addictions and Bi
Polar disorder. Maia and the producers of the show are hoping that this show
will aid in giving a voice to the thousands of people diagnosed with Bi Polar
Disorder every year and the families, friends and communities that struggle to
support them

Personally, I don't think this is the greatest of ideas. I'm not sure if she is emotionally or mentally ready to handle all the extra BS that comes with being a reality TV star. I mean come on, she's not only mentally unfit but she's on CRACK.. CRACK.. y'all know that ish ain't nothing to play with. I'm all for her having a show WHEN (notice I said when, you have to speak things into existence) she kicks the crack and her medical condition is more stable. She's always been a pretty girl to me and I pray that she finds the help she needs. These tv shows are normally only out for their own gain and they are probably not really concerned with her well being. We all know that they are good for exploiting people when they are down.. case and point, the "Frankie and Neffie Show". Anything for ratings, enough said!!!



Anonymous said...

these folks kills me tryin to make it seem like they tryin to help and shed light on these situations...puhleeze, they doing this ish for ratings. I hope she click out on those damn producers like she did dude in the car that day....when one of them other personalities pop off they gone realize that this wasnt the best idea said...

im not surprised she got her own show. that video of her was so sad. Its crazy, while I was at Spelman (she went to the college for a while when she was younger), she was on tour with a stage play. I went in and sat on a Q&A session her and the cast members gave. It was her and comedian Bruce Bruce & Miguel A. Núñez Jr., and some other people. Goes to show you, you can be on top of it one day, and on the bottom the next. Stay on top of your ish and watch the people around you.

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