Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Greg Oden Shows In His Birthday Suit (NSFW)

WTF IS UP WITH YOU PEOPLE? Do NOT, I repeat.. do NOT send mf's ish that can incriminate you in the long run. Greg Oden sent some pictures of himself to an ex showing balls and all, of course, they have now been leaked. DO NOT hit the play button unless you're ready to see some peen!

SMDH! Why is his long azz just standing there snapping pictures of himself like that ROFL? Personally, if a man sent me a picture like this it would be a TURN OFF! I'on like it, I'on like it at all *side eye*.

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michael gilchrist said...

Greg Oden seems like a pretty nice guy that has been hampered by injuries, which will probably prevent him from ever reaching his potential. Its a shame that he is getting more press for his off the court photos than is play on it.

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