Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Music Videos: Yo Gotti "Touchdown" & Usher "Hey Daddy"

Y'all know I always support my hometown folks. Check out Gotti's new video for "Touchdown."

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! This was my first time hearing that and Gotti killed y'all wit that one! I've always dug his music though so I'm not shocked. I see ya Level II!

Usher finally dropped a video for "Hey Daddy"

I guess he's gonna be the male Janet Jackson, he's never gonna stop dancing LOL.Its cool though, I say do it until you cant anymore. The song has been the bizness and the video was cool too.

1 comment: said...

YES love this Track from Gotti, he is going off. I quoted some lyrics on twitter one day and someone asked me did i know who he was talkin about. I told'em i wasnt deeep in the hood drama like that, lol but supposedly its a response to another track someone put out against Gotti.

Its so Memphis, love it & I like this Usher track.

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