Thursday, January 21, 2010

Markise Kesan Moore Of "From G's To Gents" Reality Show Speaks On Child Abuse Charges

TMZ reported that "From G's To Gent's" reality person (not star) was on the run for abusing his young daughter. They stated that while under Kesan's care she suffered 2 broken arms, a broken leg and broken collar bone..... WTF?! Kesan was supposedly on the run in Georgia. He decided to turn himself in yesterday, but before doing so he called into the Ryan Camron show to tell his part of the story. Check it out.

That all sounds a bit crazy to me. How does a baby suffer all those injuries from LAST YEAR (prior to Christmas), but they are just now making an arrest. One thing is for certain, if this baby does have these injuries they mos definitely need to remove her from the home until they figure out whats really going on. Thats crazy as hell!

Side Note: What was his point in saying something about hitting a man in the face on the show? That was dumb as hell LOL.

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