Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Video Dish

Okay.. so personally, I like to just watch all kinds of videos on the internet. I thought I'd add a segment to the site where I just post some that I like. So, here ya go.

See.. this is the reason I couldn't be in the Bad Girl House. Spitting? I'd have to seriously whoop a b***h! I was LMAO at Flo azz crawling around that floor, HA. I missed the show last night so I'll have to hit the DVR recordings as soon as I get home today.

This old heffa here is still a bad chic. She seems to be a fun person, that's some ish I'd probably be doing LOL. I like this song BTW, gotta look that up.

There are a couple more under MORE DISH

LMAO.. that ish was funny to me and a good message for the little ones. Plus, I'd rather my kid listen to this rather than Wayne's version. Did they have to put "Drake" in the wheel chair tho? ROFL!

Was that her breathing in the background? Why did I holla laughing when Luda said "before you make it big its just one thing that I gotta know" LMAO.. TOO LATE LUDA!!

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