Friday, August 28, 2009

Jaycee Dugard, Home After 18 Years of Captivaty

Jaycee Lee Dugard
Jaycee was abducted 18 years ago from a bus stop while headed to school, she was 11 years old at the time. Today Jaycee has finally returned to her family. When I first heard the story yesterday, initially I didn't believe that it was her, after all, this isn't the normal outcome of a kidnapping. For 18 years, Jaycee had been held in a captive in a homemade prison in the backyard of her abductors.

Phillip & Nancy Gerrido

Phillip and Nancy Gerrido snatched Jaycee while her step-father watched from the porch of their home. When he saw them snatch Jaycee he tried to chase after the car on his mountain bike but of course was unable to keep up. I honestly can't even think of anything to call these triflin b**** azz mofos. How do you snatch somebody's baby and force them to live in the backyard for 18 years?

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When Jaycee was 14, Phillip impregnated her with their first child. Four years later she was pregnant again! This shit here is SICK! I'm sure you're wondering how the couple was finally caught after so long. Well, Phillip is a registered sex offender and was also on probation for a prior kidnapping in which he held the lady captive! He was caught on a college campus with his two daughters (that he had with Jaycee) and officers saw that he was acting "suspiciously" with the girls and called his probation officer. But get this, he was on campus passing out religious material, WTF? This ish right here makes NO SENSE AT ALL!!! Personally, I don't believe that a person with this type of rap sheet should be allowed back on the streets. And with him living less than 200 miles away from Jaycee's home, the police should have taken a closer look at him at some point during the investigation. When Phillip was to report to his probation officer after the campus incident, he took Jaycee and the two young girls with him. Jaycee acted as his wife claiming her name was something else. After further questioning Phillip finally admitted to kidnapping the girl and the story unfolds from there. Okay, so I have to speak on some things, it might ruffle a couple feathers but oh well!

HOW IN THE HELL CAN SOMEBODY KEEP YOU CAPTIVE FOR 18 YEARS? I'm definitely not trying to be funny but he wouldn't have kept one of "US" that damn long! Cuz honestly, after a week or so he would've either killed me or sent my azz back to the Mound with my folks cuz it would've been a fight EVERY TIME he came in that lil azz tent/jail he made for me. I understand that she was a baby and no doubt scared out of her mind, but in 18 years you didn't have NOT ONE OPPORTUNITY TO RUN?! I'm assuming that it was some type of brainwashing thing because she actually lied to a PROBATION OFFICER about who she was!! Whatever the case was, I'm glad she is home now. I'm positive she will have a whole lot of psychological problems after going through this but I hope at some point she can get some type of life back. GOD BLESS YOU JAYCEE and those two little girls! They should make both of these animals spend the rest of their lives in the Tent Prison in Arizonia.

This is the PERFECT place for their azzes (check out this prison @

Go to for the full story. You will not BELIEVE this ish, seriously!

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