Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Game Might Return!!

I know we all LOVE CW's sitcom The Game, but just like with all our other shows it was canceled. However, BET is thinking about bringing the show back for another season. According to news sources "BET began preliminary talks with producer CBS Studios about possibly taking in the series with new originals. The cable network already runs repeats of both "Game" and "Girfriends." The options on the "Game" actors have lapsed, so if a deal is reached with BET, CBS Studios would have to make new pacts with them. BET's only previous stab at launching an original scripted series was the 2008 comedy "Somebodies," which ran for one season."

I sure hope they can pull it off, lets all keep our fingers crossed. I just watched the finale episode again last night and would LOVE to see how Mel and Derwin's marriage goes.

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