Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Frankie & Neffie's Launch Party

If you didnt catch the premiere of the Frankie & Neffie show last night, dont stress. It was pretty much the same thing we've been seeing since the 2nd season of KeKe's show. They are STILL talking about family issues and Frankie's "old" drug problem *extreme side eye* Lord.. if these thangs don't look a MESS! Well really, its mostly Frankie looking her normal special self.. Check out the pics below.

Neffie and her belly were there of course

They can stop with the shinanigans.. This chic is STILL smoking that ish!
Check MORE DISH to see more pics from the party

Neffie & her 3rd baby daddy/fiance

So Frankie said F' it.. She go rock an ugly azz cut out Zebra dress with jeans and boots.. Do you then Boo!

I was waiting to find a pic with this wig on the floor LMAO

Oh but hellllllllllll no!!
I dont blame KeKe for staying the sam hell AWAY from this BS LOL. But I love both Frankie and Neffie, FROM A DISTANCE!!! I guess KeKe feels the same way!
Yall can go to for more pics of this BS!

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