Monday, August 31, 2009

T-Pain Getting Sued

According to SandraRose.comT-Pain is being sued for child support. We all heard about his baby with Ms. Cherry from VH-1's Miss Rap Supreme but hadn't heard much more about it. Well, y'all hadn't LOL.

I HEARD that Ms. Cherry was cool with what she was getting from Pain until he stopped letting her show up at shows and ish (I ain't the one to gossip so you ain't heard it from me, hehehe). Everything was cool when he was just knocking her off (and up) but when she started showing up at shows and events (sometimes with the Mini T-Pain in tow) he felt she was violating. Pain did not appreciate how Ms. Cherry was disrespecting his wife Amber.
Anywho, Ms. Cherry has only been receiving 2,000 a month from Pain to support their child. Okay, yea some might say $2,000 a month is cool. But for this man to be making $15 million a year, he needs to be dropping off a little more. Matter of fact, he needs to keep his ish in his pants or at least wrap it up. He offered to pay an additional $500 a month. BOY SITCHO AZZ DOWN. I'd take that ish all the way to the Supreme Court if I were Ms. Cherry LMAO, just kidding. BTW, does she have a damn job?

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