Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fantasia & Kandi Show Us Their Moves

I love Kandi's youtube channel! If you aren't subscribed go ahead and check her out. In this video she is rehearsing for a show and my girl Fantasia stops through. These two chics are a trip, especially Tasia LOL. Check it out!

A mess LMAO. They look like they were having a lot of fun. I see Tasia is like me, all she needs to act a nut is a mirror and its on LMAO. I thought it was too funny when she said "wait a minute Kandi, this is a process" LOL. Anywho, I can't wait for both of their albums to drop. BTW, I LOVE Tasia to DEATH.. but I hate that leopard catsuite.. OMG, TRASH IT! LOL


I had to repost the video because Kandi removed it from her Youtube channel, therefore deleting it from Diva Dish. But WSHH had it so you can still see it here. Kandi updated her Twitter to tell us why she removed the video, check it out!

Kandi's Twiter Update

“Fantasia & I thought the video was funny but her manager didn't approve & I don't wanna do anything that would b hurtful 2 her career. Oh well!”

“Fantasia management just didnt think it was a good look. I understood. gotta keep yo self marketable. some people may not think its funny like us”

People get on my nerves always placing judgment on others. They were obviously just having fun while rehearsing. Haven't y'all heard what they say about ALL WORK AND NO PLAY.. that shit is boring LOL. I thought it was pretty funny so to hell with them. On the other hand I do kind of understand Tasia's management too, but its already out and there's nothing that can be done about it now.

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