Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angela Yee Interviews Gucci Mane

Angela Yee recently interviewed Gucci Mane and it was super funny listening to the two of them together. Check it out below.

LOL at his response to how he was getting on the plane.  He obviously hadn't thought that far ahead.

Check MORE DISH for the last video

He sholl as hell said something with that one... WHY would a rich person be in the club fighting? It makes no sense LOL.  This is the first interview that I've seen of Gucci and I enjoyed it. He seems like a cool guy to trip with. Anybody that would say "lemon peppered wings and freeze cup" has to be pure comedy LMAO

This is the video that Angela was speaking of in the last part of the interview.  These round the way ignant mofos came on to the set of Gucci Mane's video trying to start some ish and of course, somebody had their camera.

In the video on WSHH the video had some rap music playing throughout the video, basically so someone would listen to it. If you ask me, dude just started some ish with Gucci and Waka to bring attention to himself. I'm glad Gucci didn't react to this foolishness, Waka on the other hand was ready LOL. 

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