Monday, June 21, 2010

Video Dish; The Golden Girls Fighting, Crackheads Gone Wild And More

I figured it was time for me to post some more of the tomfoolery I found on the internet, so here ya go. I had so many questions while watching these videos, maybe y'all can help me understand LOL.

So they really got to fighting over who called Bingo first? LMAO, they were straight going at it, HAAAA! I guess its true, age ain't nothing but a number. They old as hell and still out here clowning.LOL

Mane, I was hollin laughing when this came on after True Blood last night LOL. BTW True Blood fans, how are y'all liking the new season so far?

First off, how in the hell did she even catch a crack head? ROFL!!! Second, why would he let her walk him by the shirt to get his azz whooped like he's a 5 year old child? HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. So sad, but SOOOOO funny LMAO! Ole girl really wanted to get some licks in, I'm too through.

Check MORE DISH for a couple of more pics

Okay... that was wrong as hell but I just posted it because they said the dog was doing fine. WHY in the hell did Bambi's mama click out like that? I understand her wanting to protect her baby, but the dog wasn't even bothering her azz. I just wanted y'all to see how quickly a deer could tap that azz LOL.

HaaaHaaaHAAAAAAAAAAA....That was today's episode of "Slow People With Technology" LMAO.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GIRL.....these crazy ass folks just made my damn day!! ROFLMFAO! PLEASE LAWWWD dont let that old ass lady be me when I get 90!!!

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