Friday, June 18, 2010

Meetings At The Round Table 6: Who Is Teaching Our Youth?

At this point, I'm seriously sick of Kat Stacks and her tomfoolery. I don’t post a lot of her videos here because I don’t believe in exploiting the mentally ill. This child is CLEARLY special needs, clearly. Although I've laughed at her ignorance in the past, last night I saw something on Twitter that made me even more disgusted with this glow worm.

As I was browsing Twitter, I came across the profile of an 11 year old girl and what I saw caused me to write this blog post. The little girl retweeted (copied) another little girls tweet which read "I'd really love to meet Kat Stacks." She then responded and said "me too, she seems like a funny person". That SH*T PISSED ME OFF!!

While we're all laughing at this damn fool, she's out here corrupting our babies. Why would our little girls think that she’s a fun person? No, she’s a mess starting whore is what she is. It's so sad that the world we live in now has actually made this trolip something like a celebrity, WOW. I will not be posting anymore videos of this garbage on my site because it’s just more publicity and that’s all she's looking for. This proves that as a society, we have to really pay attention to what our children are able to see. There are actually little girls that look up to this filth. The sad part about it is that some individuals would allow their children (not speaking of the girls above) to meet her because she’s "Kat Stacks." As adults, we are capable of seeing things and determining whats foolish and what isn’t... well SOME of us are anyways. But children see these things and don’t necessarily have that capability just yet. It's really getting to be too much, SMH. People please monitor what your children are seeing and hearing.

What do you guys think about the affects that television, internet and the media have on our youth?

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