Thursday, June 17, 2010

Police Punch Teenage Girl

Seattle police are investigating an assault of one of their officers in South Seattle. The incident took place on Monday and was recorded by several bystanders. The video shows the officer struggling with two female teens when he punched one (17 years old) in the face. The incident started after the officer asked the girls to step over to his patrol car after he witnessed them jaywalking. Check the video.

See, this is just ignorant. WHY in the hell would the officer even be pushed to that point? As an adult, if the police ask me to do something EVEN if I don't agree with it, I'm going to do it and deal with it later. So as a CHILD, why wouldn't they simply do what he asked? I don't want to hear ISH about police brutality cuz those little girls were clearly in the wrong. I'm not mad at him for popping her azz, maybe if her parents had popped her before she wouldn't have thought it was okay to pull this BS. They clowned the entire freaking video, but I bet ole girl in the pink didn't run up again after that lick LMAO. Although I do have some issues with the police and the law, I still understand that they are to be respected. I couldn't understand how some of the people in the video were acting as if the officer was the one doing them wrong, SMH.

After ALL of that, both teens were ultimately cited for jaywalking. The 19 year old (in the black shirt) was arrested for obstructing an officer while the 17 year old (in the pink shirt) was booked at a Youth Service Center for assaulting an officer. GOOD for em!! These children need some daggone discipline.

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Anonymous said...

Nawww, I dont think he had to punch her in the damn face like that. She was wrong as hell and he shoulda knocked her ass down, but that punch was a bit much

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