Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LaToya Jackson Visits Her Monkey Nephew Bubbles

LaToya Jackson recently went to visit Michael's famous BFF, Bubbles the chimpanzee. It was such a sweet little reunion and I almost shed a tear (cuz y'all know I'm an animal lover) until..... Bubbles started ignoring her LMBO. I think Toya was right, Bubbles did remember her.  He wanted to know where the hell all of their soft voice azzes have been since 04 LOL. Check out the video here and watch dude at the 1:19 minute mark.

I know everybody thought that Mike was crazy with that monkey, but they are really like little babies.  I watched a show the other day called My Monkey Baby and I thought it was so cute how they were actually treated like real little babies.  Take a look at a clip from the show here.  I'm gonna try to catch it again, it was actually very entertaining ;).

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