Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gary Coleman Had Restraining Order Against Hi Ex-Wife!

Pop Eater is reporting that not only had Gary and his wife Shannon gotten a divorce prior to his death, but Gary had also filed a restraining order against his ex-wife.  In February was issued a restraining order after claiming that while he was in the hospital Shannon moved back into his home without permission.  When filing the restraining order, Gary told the courts that Shannon "has shown a tendency to damage, destroy and steal my property and I believe she will continue to do so in my absence and while she is trespassing in my home. I believe if she is given any warning of this pending order to require her to immediately vacate the home, she will cause more damage and destroy more irreplaceable memorabilia, documents, personal papers and other such valuables."

Ok really? Every other week something else happens that makes her look more and more guilty.  After all of this, Shannon has the nerve to contest Gary's last will and testament, which leaves her nothing.  She needs to get the hell on and they need to figure out what the hell really happened to that little man. SMH

Read more of the story  HERE

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