Monday, December 21, 2009

ANTM Nik Sueing Her Son's Father (Braylon Edwards) For Child Support

America's Next Top Model finalist Nik Pace might not have landed any HUGE model contracts, she did however land a rich azz baby daddy! She gave birth (about 4 months ago) to her son but was keeping the identity of the father on the hush. Well, you know when stuff hits the court systems it becomes everybody's business. The father is sexy ass Braylon Edwards of the New York Jets. Check out what the New York Post is reporting.

Edwards fathered a boy with the 25-year- old beauty, who was a finalist on
Tyra Banks‘ show in 2005, and she gave birth to Braylon Jr. in August in
Georgia. Edwards, who makes about $5 million a year, immediately filed in
Atlanta to be recognized as the father — but was shocked when Pace objected and
sued for child support in New York. Pace’s lawyer, Raoul Felder, told Page Six:
Braylon had tried to get the case litigated in Georgia because they are
traditionally less generous with child support payments.

But Edwards insists he’s just trying to do the right thing by his child.
Nik’s main home is in Georgia, she is registered to vote in Georgia, and she
gave birth in Georgia, which is why he immediately asked the courts in Georgia
to recognize him as the dad,” a source said. “She only moved to New York in
November after he was traded to the Jets. He wants to be part of the child’s
life, but she wouldn’t even tell him where or when the child would be born so he
could be there. He wants to provide for his son. He has been paying support
since the birth.”
Edwards’ lawyer, Randy Kessler, said, “Braylon is a proud
father who has loved and supported his child since before he was born. He filed
in June to declare himself the legal father and she objected.

I really hope this story has been screwed up by the media, cuz I hate to see women keeping men from their children. If he wants to take care of his child, LET HIM! 70G's a month, DAMN! I guess we'll see what happens. I'll keep ya posted.

Source: Balleralert


Anonymous said...

I really hope she is not denying this man of his child. There are sooo many women out here that wish their child's father was in their lives and we have women that won't allow the father to be in the child's life when he really wants to. WTH!! Is she mad because they aren't together anymore!?!?

Anonymous said...

nope, she's mad because she has child support confused with baby mama support. these women think they supposed to be living the high life cause they spread their legs to a ma'am, they need to give these tramps only enough to provide for a child. what the heck a baby gone do with 70 g's a month....get d hell outta here

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