Monday, December 28, 2009

KeKe Cole Home For Christmas / No Love For Frankie & Neffie

Keyshia Cole went home to Oakland to spread a little Christmas love at a charity event for the kiddies. That little one is sitting on out there now! She looks cute preggers, but I hate the damn skirt and jean jacket look tho. She looks like a pregnant ghetto barbie LMAO!

She is HUGE!!!

Seriously... WHAT was she thinking?

Keyshia spent Christmas with her adoptive mother (and her many wigs). Word is that KeKe didn't even talk to her big sister Neffie or her mother Frankie during the holidays. To be completely honest, I don't blame her. Those two KNOW they can cut a fool, ESPECIALLY Frankie's azz. Sometimes you have to love folks from a distance.

3 comments: said...

Thanks for posting the pics, on the other net pics you could hardly see her belly. BUT WOWZERS she does have something under there. that is clear!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so what did she do to the kids? They all look super unhappy to be wit Ke-Ke! And she really does look a fool in that get up

Anonymous said...

Keyshia sister Elite took to her twitter on Christmas Day to bash Keyshia for doing charity work in the hood, and even accused Keyshia of not having to of talked with Neffe, Frankie, Elite or her nieces and nephews. I think that was really selfish and childish of Elite because Keyshia has done far more than enough for her family! I don't blame Keyshia for distancing herself from their coonery!!!

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