Wednesday, December 23, 2009

J.Hud and David Expecting ANOTHER Baby! *UPDATE*

Seriously? Lil David is only 6 months old and the couple is supposedly preggers again, WOW! Jenny found out earlier this month that she was expecting she and David's second child. Not sure if its true yet but if it is, we'll see soon enough. Congrats to the happy couple if this is really true. I really wish they would have gotten married first but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Okay... word is that this is just a rumor! Then again, they said the same thing the first time around. We'll be watching that belly to be sure!!


Anonymous said...

how bout hhhhhhhhelllllllzzzzzzzzz naw.... i mean really, y so soon jenny. she bout a big special mofo!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope its s rumor dang Jen!!! I stil think David is a queer...

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