Tuesday, December 22, 2009

K.Michelle Video

Check out K.Michelle giving y'all a lil bit of who she really is.

I had the opportunity to interview K about a month ago when she came to Memphis on the R.Kelly tour. For some reason, I cant get the damn video to format correctly so its caused a hold up in posting. I'm STILL working on it tho so keep checking back for it. Anywho, K has a BEAUTIFUL voice!! Not only can she blow, she puts on a FABULOUS show. I could have watched her the entire night. I had the opportunity to listen to her album prior to the intervie and I have to say, she brought it. The album is AMAZING and I'm waiting for Pain Medicine to hit the stores to show my support.

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Anonymous said...

I put my KMichelle in my CD player 3 weeks ago and I promise I just pulled it out yesterday (I had to listen to my new Mary). I love that girl....her music is real cause she is real. Not only is she real, but shes also a real damn fool, lol! Krazy and cool as hell. Loves her! I will be coppin that too!

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