Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vivica Fox Talks To Monique About 50 Cent & Her Alter Ego Shoot

Derek Blanks always kills with the alter ego photo shoots and I'm loving Vivica's. I think this was a great concept for her because she I've always thought she was a sweet chic, but we also know she can and WILL click out. Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot.

I'm not sure when Vivica was on the Monique Show cuz I've been falling asleep a lil early the past couple of nights. Check out what she had to say about dating 50 Cent.

BTW... the video is way jacked up, it'll stop around the 2:46 mark but starts back up around 3:42.

Awwwww, I can appreciate what she had to say. I guess we do have to forgive and move on huh? I'm mad I didnt get to hear her answer about the Burger King Manager tho. Anybody that got to see it can you fill me in please? Thanks!!!

Check MORE DISH for more pics


Stanesha said...

You know I got you lol... she said that when she'd get to the BK she'd order a salad and a sweet tea and say lets sit down and talk [they laughed] and the she said that she'd ask if he had benefits. -- it was sweet and I think she was being honest.

DivaDish said...

Thanks girl... good looking out!! ;-)

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