Monday, December 28, 2009

Chance Combs On Christmas

Sarah Chapman, the mother of Diddy's oldest daughter Chance posted a video of thie little one singing some Christmas songs on Christmas Eve. Check it out!

HAAAAAAAAAAA, she said "Santa came too GAY!" I agree Chance, ROFL! That was too funny. She is such a cutie pie and I'm glad to see her get her lil camera time too. Not that I think Sarah should exploit her child, but Diddy's is always with the twins and putting them out for the world to see but he never has Chance on camera. I heard he has a good relationship with her but I wish we could see more of it. I wouldn't care either way if he didn't have the twins in front of the camera all the time. It's not right to make differences in your children like that. Diddy betta fix that ish quickly. When Chance gets older she'll see that ish for herself and end up resenting his azz. Diddy gone be somewhere crying cuz y'all KNOW lil girls will hand it to yo azz, and Chance looks like she's gonna be a lil fire cracker too!

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