Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chris Henry Funeral Pics

26 year old Chris Henry was laid to rest yesterday in New Orleans. This is such a sad story and I feel bad for everyone involved, especially the children. His fiance Loleila spoke at the funeral.

Can’t nobody feel what I’m feeling right now. … We loved each other very much.
People say I helped change his life. No. He changed mine,” said Tonga, wearing
sunglasses and pausing between sentences.
“We were supposed to get married in
three months, but I’m going to wait until I see him again.”

I can totally feel what she said, I can only imagine what she's going through right now. I'm sure she didn't mean to do it but of course she feels some type of responsibility for his death. I'm just looking at this baby walking by her dad in that casket, I'm sure she doesnt even really understand that he's gone. I hate to see children lose their fathers.

The police reported that Loleila did stop to help him once he fell from the truck. An eye witness stated that she heard Chris say that he would jump and kill himself if she didn't stop the truck. This could have very well been a case of him jumping off because he was mad. I doubt that he was trying to actually kill himself, or at least I would hope not. Keep this family in y'alls prayers.

RIP Chris.....

Pics: Yahoo Images

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Anonymous said...

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