Monday, December 21, 2009

First Footage of Alicia Keys Chilling With Her Boo, Swizz. They look CUTE Together

Alicia has had like 50 parties celebrating the release of her new album "The Element of Freedom". Check out some footage of Alicia and her boo Swizz. I've never seen em like this before.

Awww, how cute did they look together? They really seem to enjoy being with each other. IDK what really went on with this whole situation but I would hope that they did the ish the right way. When folks start a relationship if/when they are in another relationship/marriage, the ish does NOT usually go smoothly. Anywho, I love seeing celebs in the club jamming to their ish. Gotta be a great feeling to see other people enjoying and appreciating your work.

BTW, whats up with that security guard's hair? LOL, A MESS!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awwww, they do look cute together. i hate to admit it, but they look a heck of alot betta than him and mashonda. i hope they did it the right way too, if not, they will fail too. God wont bless no mess!!!!

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