Monday, December 28, 2009

So Long To The Tyra Banks Show

First Oprah now Tyra, it seems like everybody is shutting down shop for the daytime talk shows! Tyra recently announced that there will only be one more season of the "Tyra" show. I didn't get to watch it much because of work, but whenever I could catch it I would definitely tune in. I would try to catch it at night sometimes but never could. I did see that show with 50 Cent one night, that show really caused me to start loving 50's chocolate azz ;-). Anywho, she had a good run, much better than I thought she would (5 seasons). I'm sure she'll have plenty of other stuff going, she plans to focus on her acting career and production company. Kudos chica!!

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I wonder if the allegations about having actors pose as characters for her show topics, have anything to do with it. I dont know sometimes I couldnt believe what some of the guests were saying and doing, but then again, like you said you cant put anything past people nowadays. I like Tyra though, wish her all the best. Oprah was her role model, she wanted to have her own talkshow, she went out and got it!!! Gotta love a chick like that!! I do!

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