Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It!!!

Yesterday was the opening of the M.J.'s "This Is It" movie. I'll be going to see that this evening I guess, and honestly I'm a little nervous about it... Anywho, check out some of the pics from the Premiere in L.A.

The Jackson's (Tito, Marlon and Jackie) with Vivica Fox

Paula Abdul

Ashley Tisdale and Katy Perry (have y'all realized I like Katy? LOL)

Paris Hilton rocked her hair long

Ms. Nia.. not loving this look but loving HER all the same

Check MORE DISH for more pics and video

Martin and his daughters (I think).. they sure look like him, especially the one to the left!

J.Lo.. I like the look

Jackie and Jermaine

Jermaine and his wife Helima.. these folks gotta be playing games

Choreographer Travis Payne..

Ashley Tisdale and Moniqe Coleman

I think it was like a billion and three pics from this Premiere so I'm not about to try and go through all of em. Like M.J. said "This Is It" LMAO!!

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