Friday, October 30, 2009

T-Boz Talks About Her Fight For Life And Chase Does DJ Hero Skit

Did anybody catch T-Boz's baby, Chase at the Hip Hop Awards? Hell, I noticed a lot of ish watching it a second time. Anywho, she was the little girl that played Mike Epp's niece Kesha (during the DJ Hero skit with DJ Khaled). We were talking about how cute she was and my sister said "that looks like T-Boz baby." That heffa notices everything LOL. Isnt she a cutie?

Damn she looks like her daddy LOL (rapper Mac 10)

T-Boz was on Good Morning America this morning and she brought Chase along. I didn't get to see it but I heard these two are extra silly together. T-Boz spoke of her issues with a brain tumor and that her doctor told her she wouldn't live long. The doctor also told her that he could perform some type of brain zap and she might not be able to walk, talk, or see again. WTF?! She decided to try a doctor in California (a black doctor might I add) in hopes that somebody could help save her life allowing her to be here for her daughter. Long story short, she had the procedure done (by the doctor in Cali) and even though she couldn't talk for a while y'all see that shes back and doing well. She and Chilli are even doing a tour right now! I'm glad to hear that shes doing better, she also suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. She is extremely blessed! I'll try to find the video for y'all and post it for ya...

Pic Source: Black Celebrity Kids and Essence

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