Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NeNe And Greg Talk About Sex

NeNe Leakes did an interview with Jamie of S2S Magazine. Finally, somebody interviewed one of the RHOA and we didn't have to hear about the drama of the show, NeNe opened up about her sex life. Her husband Greg was sitting in on the interview and had some things to say. Check it out!

Not to be putting my business all out there but hell, I'm with Greg 3-5 times a week sounds like the business to me LOL. Oh AND, that whole situation of women just giving their man some when they want it, even if they aren't in the mood themselves. OMG, I hate that kind of sex LMAO. Yea we've all had to bite that bullet (no pun intended) a couple of times or so when we didn't really want to, however, don't make it a habit. Besides, half the time in those situations we're just wondering when the ish will be over so we can carry on bout our business anyways LMAO.

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