Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tameka Raymond Is Staying Relevant

This woman cant STAY out the damn gossip media LMAO. Every other week she's cursing somebody out or scratching up cars.. Damn girl, listen to Confessions.. just let it BURN! Supposedly, Tameka called the home of a Gossip Blogger in Canada and had a few choice words for her. Check out the video!

Okay.. I seriously don't think Tameka is this dumb! First off, who cares enough to track a mofo down all the way in Canada to call and say some stupid ish like this? I mean really! Second, how would she get Tiny's interview confused with something the lady said about her? Third, if Tiny's interview was so good, why would she wanna curse the blogger out about it? All of this sounds really stupid to me and I just cant see this extra grown azz woman calling to say "This is Tameka Raymond, Usher wife, F**K you" all on the damn voicemail. Nah, I just refuse to believe that chic is that dang silly!! What do y'all think?

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